June 14, 2008

Why did they give it to him and not you?

Aggressive lobbying. I didn’t do enough of it. 



Is he going to ask for your votes?

He's already campaigning for them.

How did it become your responsibility to deliver them? I mean, how can you guarantee that?

I can’t.

But you’ll be blamed if he doesn’t win them over.

No I wont. Exit polls will redeem me.

What do you mean?

He'll get more than half of the women's vote. It's the white, male, working-class vote he has to worry about. I can't be blamed if he doesn't get that.

Yes, you will. Someone will be blamed. The pundits are going to blame you and your desire to be president.

Listen, the more voices those talking heads malign and dismiss, the more people will tune out. They’re talking to themselves. Period.

God you’re optimistic. Where do you get that from?

I don’t feel optimistic.

Must be Jupiter.

Hey, you said you would do my chart! Where is it?

On my computer.

Well, what are you waiting for? Pull it up.



Let's see. You have Jupiter in the eighth.

What’s that mean?

Oh no, sorry, that’s transiting Jupiter. You have it on the descendent.


That’s a great place for it. Look, Pluto is crossing over it as we speak.

What does that mean?

Umm, well, it’s on the axis of your awareness of others. That means a larger-than-life generosity, a sense of purpose that comes from teaching or inspiring others. I’ve heard you describe yourself as “other-oriented”.

What’s Pluto doing?

Probably giving you a philosophical lesson in fate. It’s very timely, don’t you think? I mean the primaries coincided with your second Saturn return, and now Pluto swings through to clear away the debris.

What do you mean?

I don’t know.

C’mon, you're supposed to know this stuff. 

I am?

That's what you told me!

Oh, well in that case. Let's see, Pluto operates slowly. So a version of Hillary is brewing. What version, I can’t say. Although I bet the more she reveals, the harder it will be to demonize her. You know my mom likes you now.

Oh really?

She used to despise you. It was the baking cookies comment.

Ok, so what is it that speaks to that?


Saying things that get twisted around.

You mean saying the right thing at the wrong time?

I mean the chronic capacity to be pilloried for what I say.

I don’t see anything. I will say that Gemini rising, as perfect as it is for a politician, can make you appear disingenuous. What's on display is the more mercurial aspects of your nature.

There must be something else,

Yes, there is. It’s your passion and drive.

Where do you see that?

In the exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto. It touches Saturn too, although weakly.

That can't be why,

Yes. Yes it can. Your desire scares people, especially the Maureen Dowd’s of the world.

Oh, back to her again.

Look, a lot of men are looking for a hero to worship. They want a guy to prop up and get all tingly about. Many women want a woman for probably the same reason. But the Dowd’s of the world don’t, because it highlights all the resentment they harbor. How dare you hold the stick and transcend the mating call.

She is really snide. Do you think I come across as snide?

No. Maybe a little smug sometimes.

I can live with that. What else is in there?

Saturn-Venus. Chiron-Sun.

What’s that mean?

I do see it now. How funny. Didn’t Katie Couric make a recent statement about sexism in the media coverage of you?


Wasn’t she the one who asked you if your nickname in high school was Frigidaire?


Well, there you have it. Questioning your femininity via your sex-appeal. I'd say that’s a Saturn-Venus thing. But I think of it more as an internal struggle. In fact, your embodiment of the feminine is one of the most inspiring things about you, but it's also controversial.

How so?

You take up space, literally. You don’t avert your eyes, unless you’re talking to the press. You woof down hot-dogs and ice cream in front of the cameras. And when you’re performing your flirty-girly demeanor, well, it’s obvious you’re performing it. You're a bad actress. That’s it, in a nutshell. #