June 30, 2008

What area did you work in?

Operator algebras, function theory.

What’s that?

All of my work had to do with representation. You know, presenting something in a new way, which was often in an old, forgotten way. A lot of it had to do with observing what had been overlooked.

I still have no clue what you did.

I would take an object, a familiar one, and play with it. My initial viewpoint would inevitably morph into another one and then into another one. Aimless wandering. That’s what I did.

Sounds like what you do as an artist.

Maybe, but before, all the wandering would end up in the trash. I would go through ten pounds of paper in a week.


Yes. Computations.

Give me something concrete, like what kind of objects did you study?

Hankel operators.




Calculus. I was always working with that language, a hyper-generalized version of it. Did you take calculus?


That's right. You went to an all-girls school. 

That's not why.

God, that must have been blast!

It was, but not for the reason you’re thinking of.

I bet it was good priming for your alpha gene.

I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.

Of course it is! It’s the most attractive thing about “Hillary”. I must redeem it.

It doesn’t need redemption. It’s who I am.

It’s not about you, you know.

Oh. Don’t I get any credit?

You can have all the credit.


I'm curious. What kind of women would you choose, you know, if you were gay?

I would choose you. 

Yeah right. I'd believe you if you weren't laughing. 

Well, it's a ridiculous question.

No it's not. I bet you'd pick a closeted A-lister, wouldn't you?

I told you who I'd pick.

You wouldn't pick me. She would have to pass and I don't.

What makes you think I'd be closeted?

Well, given your aspirations, you wouldn't have a choice.

Everyone thinks I'm gay anyway.

I know plenty of straight women who read as gay. In fact, my favorite women often do.

I'm one of your favorite women?

Of course.

You know Sarah, if I were a lesbian I’d want to be with a woman like you.

No you wouldn’t. Believe me.

No, seriously. I would.

That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever told me.

Are you going to cry?

No. I’ll wait till you leave.

You’re not waiting.

Well, then, maybe you should go.

Are you sure? You okay? I didn't mean to

Yes, I’m fine. Really. I just want to be alone.

Ok. Alright then. Bye.

Bye. #