June 11, 2008

I have the munchies. You want some nachos? 

What else can you make? 

Gumbo. Gumbo and nachos. Take your pick.

That's two things more than I know how to make.

Wait a minute. I read somewhere that you like to cook soft eggs.

Yeah, right. I wonder who on my staff came up with that one.

Well, whoever it was also claimed that your favorite TV show is "American Idol".


It's not funny. I considered not voting for you after I read that.

I'm glad you reconsidered.

You know, you’re now perceived as a ‘great’ feminist. You managed to redeem that word, at least for a day or two.

Stop it. Just make the nachos, ok?

Yes ma’am.


Let me ask you something.


How are you going to come down from Saint Hillary?

Sarah, please!

Alright, ok. Sorry.

[long pause]

Can I talk about Florence?

Please do.

Santa Croce was so amazing. The old crypts on the floor with the family seals. I loved walking over them. They all had pillows, you know, under their heads. I mean, as part of the drawing on the floor, carved in marble.


Oh, and the exalted graves, decorated with mourning women. Women rule symbolically.

Maybe not so much anymore.

You’re not in the mood to talk tonight, are you?

No, sorry. I’ll listen though.

I’ll spare you.

No talk. Just something other than politics.



You think she’ll reign again?


Venus Humanitas

Please. I asked you nicely.

Wait. I’m talking about Florence, not you.

Yeah, right. #