April 14, 2008

You don’t see it, do you?

See what?

You keep calling him elitist.

Well, his comments are.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter. It’s only going to hurt you.


Politicians are part of the elite. They’ll just throw it back on you.

No they won't.

Of course, not all politicians express their prejudices so overtly. This is your moment to seize, and you haven’t really.

I think I’ve gotten some mileage out of it.

No, you highlighted guns and religion and talked about values. These aren't values.

No, no, people value

People value compassion. He said they "cling" to “antipathy towards those not like them.” There's no compassion in that.

Right. But he was explaining why he hasn't closed the gap in Pennsylvania.

I know. So he renders the working class as intolerant. What's he really saying?

Look, I don't want

It’s obvious. He's saying Archie Bunker won't vote for me because I'm black or rich or whatever. It's identity politics. He plays that card over and over.

That's a powerful card.

But Archie Bunker has lost his job and now may lose his house. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the color or gender of the person who can help him. He doesn't care about that anymore.

I'm not so sure.

Well, this is not the time to accuse him of intolerance. Obama sealed his fate with this one. He expects not to get their vote. So he caricatures them as gun-toting, god-fearing intolerants. They're sure to vote Republican now, unless you win.

As if I don’t know that! Have you heard any of my speeches?

Yes and now I am hearing all this stuff about guns and “values”. Will you please steer away from that! It’s a trap. You’re going to lose if you focus on that, just like Kerry did.

I do know how to shoot a gun.

I know, but I'd rather see you shoot whiskey. Stick with the drinking and the compassion. They kind of go together and you do both really well. #