March 28, 2008

I have a theory.

Oh no.

You don't even know what it's about!

Yes, I do. Me!

You wanna hear it?


Tough, you're in my studio and I get to talk about my theories.

Oh, as if being outside the studio stops you from talking about your theories!

I know why you told that tale. I know what that's all about.

Oh yeah?

You like women.

Excuse me?

No, no, no. You just like to throw down with the girls. That's all I meant. And I bet you told that story to many women, right? And it works. You get the response you want. And then telling it just becomes habitual or something. I don't think you ever believed it.


Why aren't you saying anything? You're just sitting there smirking. Well whatever. I think it's a turn on. I love when a women tries to impress me with her bravado. So why haven't you told me that story!

Oh please!

No, seriously. You never try to impress me. My feelings are hurt.

That's ridiculous. How am I supposed to impress you? You mean my presence alone doesn't impress you?

Well, maybe a little. I'm sure there are more important things for you to do than come here and tease me in my studio.

I like teasing you and it's obvious that I don't need to brag about anything.

How can I change that?

Why would you want to? I like being off the hook. It's my time out.

I guess that's good. Ok, I'm going to paint now. Don't talk to me.

Wait. How convinced are you of your "theory"?

Actually that reminds me. On the night of March 17 I got home about 4 am. No, I wasn't drinking. I was in my studio. I did my usual of looking at news photos of you and I came across one, a close up, three-quarter view of your face. And you looked so disturbed. And I thought, "Oh no, something is wrong."

You based your judgment on a photo?

Well, wait. I hadn't read the byline or anything and it wasn't until a few days later when the Bosnia video took hold. So I went back to Getty Images and the picture I had downloaded was gone but the other outtakes were there and I realized that the photo was taken just a moment before you told the tale.

And so you think I embellished the story because I was disturbed?

No, on the contrary. I think you embellished because you were way up in the polls and felt invincible. That's when the demons come out to play and I saw them in your face. #