May 10, 2008

It looks like I’m going to lose that bet with Jerry.

Jerry who?

Jerry Saltz. He said I didn’t owe him anything. But we shook on it. I have to pay.

How much did you bet?


I’ll give it to you.

Yeah, right! From where?

I can scrounge up $50.

No thanks. You need it too much!

I haven’t seen this one before.

That’s “Pink Hillary.” I painted it before I knew you.

I can tell.


I don’t know. I just can. I thought that one, over there, was the first Hillary painting.

Nope, “Pink Hillary” is. I forgot about her. Whenever I move studios I pull out things and think, "Oh yeah, I did that."

Where you moving to?

Not the White House.

Oh, stop it. There’s no room to paint there anyway. Maybe there’s room in the Knesset. We’ll ship you to Israel.

I would love to go there. Do you know Tzipi?

Not well. Sorry.

Not well enough to make a call on my behalf? Come on! Tell her I’ll paint her.

Oh, I’m sure after seeing some of these, she’ll be just thrilled.

You know something Jerry said that I can’t stop thinking about.


He said, “You are Obama.”

No, you’re definitely Hillary. #