January 30, 2008

There you are, holding it.

I don't like this one.

Ok Maureen.

Maureen? Who's Maureen?

The woman who said that Condi and Hillary don't throw like girls. Maureen Dowdy.

You mean Dowd.

Ever wonder what's behind her obsession?

No, can't say I have.

Well I have.

Let's say I've never enjoyed wondering. What are you saying with this? I'm mannish? That's original!

I don't think you're mannish at all. I just like the way you hold the stick, I mean microphone. Let's go back to Maureen Dowd.

Let's not. Why do you have to hang this?

I can't believe you're so squeamish. What did I miss? Is Maureen Dowd wrong about you? Do you throw like a girl?

I have no idea how to answer that. I've got to go.

Wait, please. Just one second. Why do you think a women in, say, her fifties, who has never married and who writes books questioning the necessity of men, is so disappointed that you and Bill don't have, what appears to be, a traditional marriage?

God only knows.

I think you and Bill are parental figures to her. Why else would she be so fixated on your relationship. I mean who cares?

Why do you keep talking about her? All I want to know is why you would hang this on your wall.

I'm telling you why. #