January 9, 2008

Oh Boy.

I was afraid of your reaction.

You should be.

I thought you could use this image in your campaign literature.

That would really bring in the votes. What's up with the mark in between the breasts?

I don't know. I just found the breasts online. Maybe she was getting heart surgery.

Is that supposed to mean something?

Uh, no.

Come on Sarah. Why did you paint this?

I don't know why. It was early in the campaign. I just wanted to see you naked. No irony. No artifice. I found a news photo, a close up of you looking directly into the camera and I became obsessed with it. But it needed a body to go with it.

Where is it?

I don't know where I put it. I'd have to dig it out. It was the day that you announced Evan Bayh's endorsement. One would think you'd be happy. But in all the outtakes I saw, your expression was very strange. I couldn't put my finger on it and it just hooked me. Reeled me right in.

I don't recall feeling strange that day.

I think something happened that day, something very personal.

I think you're over imaginative and projecting too much. Maybe something was going on in your life that day.

No, I use this photo all the time. I go back to it often.

Well then it must be within reach! You just said you didn't know where it was. I want to see it.

Alright. Let me find it.


Here it is.

It's just me looking. That's all.

No, that's not all. You're totally exposed. I studied your crying moment. You are much more naked here, in this photo, than you were in that YouTube video. And you know what? This photo is no longer on Getty Images. It was deleted. But all the other outtakes are still there.

Well, I didn't delete it.


There's hundreds and thousands of photos of me. As if I have the power to destroy the ones I don't like.

Do you not like this photo?

It's not my favorite.

Not one you'd give to a lover to place on their nightstand?


It's on mine.

Oh, so you like depressed women staring at you while you sleep?

Aha! You admit that you're depressed here!

No. No. I don't see that.

You just said it.

No. Look. I can't identify it. Maybe I had a headache or I had to go the bathroom. Maybe it was something truly irrelevant!

I don't think so.


No. #